Scoala de Valori (School of Values) is a modern non-governmental and non-profit organization whose VISION is to change the core values of Romanian society.

Romania is in dire need of role models and we believe that investing in Education and Youth will provide a steady supply. Scoala de Valori was created to guide Romanian youth on the path of self-discovery that takes place during their high-school years and help them develop a strong moral compass. We help them find out who they are and what they like. We help them believe in themselves and the choices that they make. We help them trust their inner voice.

Scoala de Valori provides a NON-FORMAL environment where students can voice their thoughts.

We remove the constraints of formal learning and encourage our students to learn new things by having fun. We let them find their own way of solving problems and use all the tools we have to grow their personalities: workshops on values and ethics, coaching sessions, camps, international programs and meetings with people who share their life and work experience. Our approach is designed for long-term implementation and covers all stages of their high-school experience, starting from their freshman year right up to their senior year.

Our most popular and most successful project is GROW, a program developed in partnership with AIESEC. GROW is the only program in Romania focused on non-formal education. Built on a 4-year curriculum, GROW aims at supplementing the education young people receive in a regular Romanian high-school environment. The philosophy behind GROW is: Practice, Learn, Step up. Over a period of 6 weeks, students take part in 10 interactive workshops delivered by international trainers. To find out more about GROW, please visit the project’s website: www.growedu.ro

Every summer, GROW Summer Camp gathers former GROW participants, international trainers and passionate Romanian trainers from Scoala de Valori, to transform them into #GameChangers. The Camp offers to the teens educational games, development trainings and irresistible challenges that combine multiculturalism, learning, campfires, fun and unforgettable stories.

Scoala de Valori and its partners launched other successful projects as well, like Exceptionalii, Bursele stART, Drum Sigur, SCC Tech Talents, Raftul cu experiente, Zentiva Express, Bani de buzunar 2.0, Antreprenor de viitor etc.

See all of our projects HERE

If you want to find out more about Școala de Valori or study its evolution from 2009 until the present day, please read our annual reports, which have detailed information about the programs we developed and the impact they had on the participants.

If you have a good idea that you’d like to put into practice, if you want to sponsor us or invest in a partnership or if you simply think that we offer the solution you need, please contact our colleague Dragoş, the Head of Social Engagement:

E-mail: dragos.belduganu@scoaladevalori.ro

Phone number: (+40) 745 267 871