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The Concept

For 5 days, 30 teenagers discovered more about the great inventions of all times, understood what they mean and applied through exercises creativity and innovation, creating a non-existent product on the market, discovering and applying the secrets of advertising and marketing of the product, through a team competition. Finally, participating students presented their invention to a jury and were rewarded.


The learning process was formed by:

1. Getting to know each other through games

2. Sessions about skills:

  • Creativity – what it means and how it can be developed
  • Investigative skills – they have investigated various scientific statements and learned how to gather evidence to support them, but also how these skills can be useful to an inventor.
  • The 4 ways of thinking – which and how to discover their strengths depending on the ways of thinking.
  • Team and teamwork – what represents a team, how important is trust in co-teammates. They found together who works well with who and what role fits them within a team. In this stage, the participants were divided into 4 balanced teams.
  • Creating inventions and product development – they have documented what means an invention and its impact on society and began working at the invention of the team.
  • Packaging, promotion and presentation of the product – each team has created its own product and learned to convince a jury to mark it highly.

Results in 2013

  • 24 participants with ages between 14 and 19.
  • 40% of participants believed that the opportunity to work in teams represented the strength of the project.
  • 80% of participants said that they can apply what they learned through the project in their future decisions.
  • 70% of participants agreed that after this project they have more confidence in themselves.

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