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Leadership Summer School

lss 2016

What is it?

Leadership Summer School (LSS) is a global, annual, 10-day intensive training event for active, entrepreneurial individuals, who want to have an impact in their communities and organisations. LSS supports fosters leadership skills and international cooperations.

Who is it for?

18-35-year olds, any country, any studies and paths of lives. Usually members of student or youth organizations, fresh graduates or young professionals.

What is it for?

  1. logo_standingTo improve your leadership capabilities, working in English with another 60 international participants and 10 international trainers
  2. To create and impart a framework and environment for each participant to implement in his/her organization to network and uncover possible new or better ways of cooperation
  3. To build a strong and global network of energetic leaders who strive to spark social change

LSS is delivered entirely in English, by experienced trainers, therefore your level of English is very important, in order to be able to contribute and take the most out of the experience.

Who, where and when?

Leadership Summer School 2016 (the 9th edition) was coordinated by the founder, Zero Generation, and was organised in Pitești, Romania, on 16th – 25th July 2016 by  Scoala de Valori. Here are some thoughts from the participants and organisers:

Founder                                        Organizing partner 2016

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