ReACT is a KA2 Erasmus+ Adult Education project which aims to create an immersed approach to battle unemployment. During this project, seven organizations from six countries (Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania) come together and contribute to the project by offering their unique coaching & training expertise in order to create innovative training and coaching methodologies to support the targeted adults in entering the labor market.


Advanced training and coaching methodology

Mastered presentations but somehow cannot handle much interaction with participants, because time escapes and topics end up elsewhere? Working with groups of people but cannot seem to motivate them into learning? Facilitating change but stumbling upon resistance and “difficult” participants? Adult educators who would like to transform their lesson plans into experiential activities. Everybody who would like to propel their trainer and coaching skills, in the sense that you know what you are doing when you have in front of you one or more people. The impact of the book is aimed to support the educators in order for them to efficiently train and coach their target group, low skilled adults, and that they overcome the personal issues and can enter the labour market. Apart from detailed instructions how to create an activity, what are the distinctions in traditional versus modern education and how to design a whole multi day training in 12 steps, what educators might find interesting is a valuable point, MAL: Method of Accelerated Learning. It is a way in which they and their participants can enhance and quicken the process of cognition, whether in training, in coaching or in life.